Punk Laureates: Trupa Trupa – “To Me”

Trupa Trupa

“To Me”

Jolly New Songs

What a band.  These guys from Poland are deep, punk-infused, intellectuals that sneak up on you.  You got to watch these guys.  They start slowly on “To Me”, then they kick out the jams like MC5, then they quite down.  Some people claim that Trupa Trupa are cryptic because of the language difference, but people forget that Kwiatkowski is a famous poet in Poland.  Trupa Trupa are Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (voc, guitar), Tomek Pawluczuk (drums), Wojtek Juchniewicz (voc, guitar) and Rafał Wojczal (keys, guitar).  This is such great music.  Poland is really unmined territory musically, but there is a lot of great music brewing from this Baltic country.  Trupa Trupa just happens to be one of the best.  Listen to them and be amazed.

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