Punk Lives: Ty Segall – “Every 1’s A Winner”

Ty Segall

“Every 1’s A Winner”

Freedom’s Goblin

The hardest punk in the world is back, and he’s back with a vengeance.  Ty Segall loves to release music, and it is always so damned good.  This man has the ability to rip the hell out of his guitar.  Check out the riffs in “Every 1’s A Winner”.  Enough to give ever guitarphile out there a hard-on.  Wow.  This is a great album.  All you punks and natty dreads, pick this album out, play it loud, or LOUD, and drive the neighbors crazy.  This is the best punk album this year.  As his bio says:

“Freedom’s Goblin” flies us around the soundworld of Ty Segall in nineteen tracks, allowing him to do a bit everything for the free and the goblins of Freedom alike! Deep impact rock of all shapes and sizes and some of the most violent, passionate, funny and free pop songs of 2018.

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