Punk With Riffs: Psychocide – “Crazy Janet”



“Crazy Janet”

Alcohol & Bad Decisions

What a crazy ass band.  I love them.  Psychocide consists of Goldwyn Thandrayen – Guitar/Vocals; Joey Blais – Guitar; Wilson Li – Drums; and Charlie Chain – Bass.  They claim to be rejects from the circus who decided to form a band, and who I am to disagree.  All I know is this; they write great songs with riffs galore and tremendous lyrics as the following from “Crazy Janet”:

Are you mad?

It’s my life, my rules, my blood on my hands

I chose, I choose, I’ll do it again….

It’s my sins, my father, my prison, my hell,

my brother you should understand.

When she says somethin’ it drives me nuts,

The girl’s insane, she’s losing her mind,

But she’ll keep talking, it makes me sick,

It’s those pretty little things,

I find so hard to leave behind.

These are lyrics that Joey, Johnny, and DeeDee would have killed to have written.  This band is punk to the extreme.

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