Pure Punk Goth: The Membranes – “Black Is The Colour”

Harry Stafford.

The Membranes

“Black Is The Colour”

What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away

Post punk legends, Membranes, are back in a huge way.  Sounding like Nick Cave crossed with Godspeed You Black Emperor, Membranes literally blow your mind and make your ears bleed with pleasure on their new record.  Formed in Blackpool in 1978, The Membranes are Peter Byrchmore (guitar), Nick Brown guitar), Rob Haynes (drums), and John Robb (vocals and bass)  Throughout the years, their power has not faded.  In fact, this might be their greatest record yet.  The darkness, the anger, the despair, all of the goth features that made them stand out from the crowd are still there.

“Black Is The Colour is about the dark heart of winter. The time when nature’s cycle in at its lowest ebb. Each side of the album is a different season and represented by the alchemists symbol for that season. The video was shot in Genoa in the same graveyard where the photo was taken for the cover of the ‘Closer’ album by Joy Division. That was a neat reference on my levels. Black Is The Colour embraces the dark and yet is a tripped out vibe,” says frontman John Robb.

This might just be the best album this year.  Thank you, guys, for being there all the time.

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