Pure Rock: Greta Van Fleet – “Edge Of Darkness”

Greta Van Fleet

“Edge Of Darkness”

From The Fires

Greta Van Fleet is four young musicians, brothers Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar) and Sam (bass/keys) Kiszka, and best friend Danny Wagner (drums). Josh and Jake have just turned 21, Danny and Sam are 18. They’re all from the tiny Michigan hamlet of Frankenmuth known for its family-style chicken dinners and the world’s largest Christmas store.  They have the chops, and really they are one of the best hard rock bands I’ve ever heard.  If you like Joe Cocker or Wilson Picket combined with some Sammy Hagar, you’ll love this band.  And for their age, they are very mature.  As their bio says:

According to Josh, “Edge of Darkness” is about “the bravery behind the compassion that we feel for each other. One of the lyrics is ‘I’ve got love in my heart,’ and I think, as a global community, it’s a spiritual thing to share all that we have together. Giving love is giving power.”

This is one of my favorite bands this year so far.  No wonder their whole tour is already sold out.  WOW!!!!!!

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