Pure Romance: Har Mar Superstar – “Personal Boy”

Har Mar Superstar

“Personal Boy”

Personal Boy

I was amazed when I heard this song.  This is one of the best love songs I’ve heard for a while, and Har Mar Superstar has this R&B touched voice that is extraordinarily expressive.  In fact, I would love to hear Lana del Rey go in this direction.  This is beautiful stuff, the stuff Meatloaf used to do, music that builds, is romantic without being fluffy, and keeps you engaged for the whole length of the song.  Sean Tillmann (aka Har Mar Superstar) is an American songwriter/ performer who makes R&B/ Pop/ Soul music.  What started as a one-man show in 1999 has grown into a full band revue.  Often noted as a premier live act, Tillmann works the crowd and earns his keep with sweat equity.  This is music to die for.  Catch them on with the Afghan Whigs this summer.  What a line-up.

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