Radio Diva: Heather LaRose – “Beachside”

heather larose3

Heather LaRose



Finally, the whole EP is out from Heather LaRose.  Move over all you fake Divas; here comes the new queen of the airwaves.  As the weather gets cloudier and colder (at least in Pittsburgh), LaRose comes out with the music to makes us feel better, feel warmer, feel sexier.  This is true radio fodder.  If it were the 60’s or early 70’s, LaRose would be all over the radio and TV.  She is that good and that deserving.  I am so excited.  This is my new favorite star. Someone said that she reminds them of Imagine Dragons.  Good comparison, but LaRose is more bouncy than that.  I think more like the Buzzcocks with a female vocalist.  Heather, you should cover “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays”.  That is a supreme complement.

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