READ: Coming Soon – Amel Larrieux “Ice Cream Everyday”


Amel Larrieux returns with “Ice Cream Everday” next Tuesday (8/27/2013); her first release of all original material since 2005’s “Morning.” The lead single from the album “Afraid,” should already be on your Top Songs of the Summer list. You can hear it below:

In an interview with Amel describes the new collection as a ‘soul-searching’ experience, and like the title suggests, it’s one that will refresh you. Amel has been performing since her early days with Groove Theory, and while she’s taken time off to be a mother, she’s never really left music. Much of the new work has been previewed on the road in several forms, and was waiting for the right time to be officially released.

Amel has been a part of my musical life for years. She transcends her genre by remaining true to her own soul, and not the confinements of traditional sonic architecture. In short, you never know what you’re going to get with her music. Just like treating yourself to a delicious ice cream cone on a summer day, her music will remain on your palette long after the song has stopped.

The tracklist :

1. Afraid
2. I Do Take
3. You Don’t See Me
4. A Million Sapphires
5. Ut the Shhh
6. Berries and Cream
7. Danger
8. Moment to Reflect
9. Have You
10. Orange Glow
11. See Where You Are
12. Don’t Let Me Down
13. Trapped Being Human
14. I Do Take 2
15. Soon
16. Danger 2

The album launch party is at the Highline Ballroom on the 20th of September.


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