Rock With Passion: Bonnie Whitmore and Her Band – “She’s A Hurricane”

Bonnie Whitmore

Bonnie Whitmore and Her Band

“She’s A Hurricane”

F@ck With Sad Girls

WOW!!!  Listen to this rocker blast through all the sexist bullshit in this world.  Bonnie Whitmore has one of the voices that just kicks your ass.  Playing bass as well as vocals, Whitmore has surrounded herself with like-minded musicians: guitarist Scott Davis (Band of Heathens, Hayes Carll), drummer Craig Bagby (Sunny Sweeney, Colin Herring) and keyboardist Jared Hall (Velvet Caravan, Colin Gilmore).  This is true feminist rock with that has that Americana kick of Bonnie Raitt and Tom Petty.  This is great music, you all.  On her and the band’s upcoming album, ready to drop in October, the ten tracks tell a story and, in one way or another, boldly address the stigma placed on “imperfect” women, and do a great job of it.


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