Rock/Jazz Fusion: Wicked Man – “When Will I Be Flying?”

Photo by Sven Gamsky

Wicked Man

“When Will I Be Flying?”

Wicked Man dropped their new single that is a great prelude to their album that is set for Spring of 2018.  The combination of rock and jazz (true fusion there) is so exciting and beautiful at once.  With the banjo lines, the guitars ringing, the free form percussions, this song rocks in all directions.  Wicked Man is comprised of Yonatan Tietz: guitar, vocals; Andrew Kunz: keyboards, aux percussion; Robert Ross: Bass, guitar, banjo, vocals; and
Peter Johnston: Drums.  This time, they’ve brought sounds friends along:
Madeline Kenney: Vocals; Leah Ann: Vocals; and Jan Purat: Violin.  The violin and banjo work off each other so well, that keyboard is unbelievably, and I can’t say enough about the percussion.  It truly is Jeah-Luc Ponty meets Mumford & Sons, and that is a great trip.  What a wonderful single.  I cannot wait for the album to drop.  I know it’ll be killer.

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