Rollicking Good Time: MOLE – “Everybody Must Crawl”


“Everybody Must Crawl”

Danger Island

This is one of the most musical and fun group of songs since Magnetic Fields, a complete mix of styles are swallowed up and spit out to form a testament to one of music most exciting performer, MOLE.  MOLE, the band, consists of J. Maizlish Mole, Tom Ash, Felix Weldon, Andrew Ranken, John Edwards, Louis Vause, Dorian McFarland, Tom Chant, Pete Fraser, Dan Gale Hayes, Nick Horne, Gustavo Clayton Marucci, Tomoya Forster, Trombone Bob Dowell, James Walbourne, Chris Alcock, James Fearnley, Ben Gallon, Alice Ballantine, all coming together to have the best time ever.  Join the crowd.  MOLE’s new album runs the gamut from ballads to tone poems to rollicking crowd sing-a-longs like “Everybody Must Crawl”.  This is a great collection of songs that everyone must have.  

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