ROOSEVELT’s debut self-titled album is a synth-disco masterpiece

Roosevelt Music, Self-Titled, Night Moves, Colours

Germany-based singer, songwriter, and producer–ROOSEVELT has already mastered the art of disco on his debut self-titled album. The 26-year-old aka as Marius Lauber has concocted an ethereal mixture of disco beats, hypnotic psychedelia, and pop on his debut album and it sounds like the work of a seasoned-veteran.

The singer, songwriter, and producer behind this mesmerizing record kick’s off with a breathy , melodious, and danceable track called “Wait Up.” Immediately you find yourself wrapped around the earthy synths and groovy bass-line. But then we’re thrown onto a spacey dance floor as Roosevelt magnetically sings to us further transporting us to a different space and time with “Night Moves.”

The fun continues into the fourth track “Belong” and the bouncy synth sounds like something that could have come off of Yaz(oo)’s Upstairs At Eric’s. While “Heart” sounds like it came from Cut Copy’s vault. The hypnotic bass-line, distant drums, and watery synth are a perfect threesome.

“Colours” brings up the disco-funk to 100%. If you don’t find yourself dancing and singing to this one, you aren’t listening hard enough. Things become calm with “Daytona” but we’re given an atmospheric and dreamy synth with a slowly building bass that leads right into “Fever”, which is a mid-tempo disco, pop beat.

There aren’t many artists these days that can successfully blend disco, pop, and funk like this. Roosevelt has proven that he is one of a kind and on par to becoming one of the biggest names in the business. Listen to “Colours” and “Moving On” below.

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