HEAR: Ryan Shupe- “The Sun Will Shine Again”

ryan shupe

Ryan Shupe

“The Sun Will Shine Again”

We Rode On

Usually, I am not a cheerful, happy sort of guy, but there is something about Ryan Shupe that makes me happy to be happy.  His combination of adult contemporary with acoustic instruments make Shupe’s stuff unusual in a good way.  I love the mandolin in the background, and how it keeps getting stronger and more pronounced throughout the song.  Here is a song that is definitely going to be played on all the charts.  Shupe has been around for a while, but with his more focused, rocking sound, he has definitely discovered the winning formula to be another of the crossover hits the music scene has been looking for.  Enjoy the ride.


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  1. Great song ! Very motivational.Everyone should hear this song.I can’t wait to hear it in concert and on the radio.

  2. Was so sad I couldn’t see you at Jim Thorpe’s but this makes me smile, thank you guys your great!

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