Sadness Personified: Solomon Ray – “Guess I’m Doing Fine”

solomon 1
 Solomon Ray

“Guess I’m Doing Fine”

What a song, what a voice, what sadness, you listen to Ray sing “Guess I’m Doing Fine”, you don’t believe a word.  This is the song of a truly tortured artist, the song Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton would have song.  Ray covers the Beck song, but brings this extraordinary sadness to the song.  According to HIVPlus Magazine:

In 2008, openly gay rapper Solomon attracted wide attention when his first mix tape sold more than 10,000 copies. As an artist, he continued to grow until 2014, when he retired in order to pursue art in a different direction. Last month, however, he announced his “transformation” into Solomon Ray. Stripping back his aesthetic, the change reflects his journey to overcome depression. “The music I’m doing now is different and more refined,” Solomon told HIV Plus Magazine. “I can’t group it together with my older stuff. So I felt a new name was appropriate. Still Solomon, but just a different ending.” [HIVPlus]

This song is beautiful.  He is a beautifully intense artist who has been very open with his whole life.  In this song, he takes Beck’s song and makes it the saddest opus on earth.  I love Solomon Ray.

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