Scarlett Johansson ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’ Album Review

When I first heard that Scarlett Johansson was recording an album of Tom Waits covers my initial reaction was, “Great this will be a huge waste of time to listen to.” I decided to check Johansson’s Anywhere I Lay My Head especially when I heard David Bowie was producing some of the songs and I am very glad I did. This much overlooked album should be a part of any well-versed collection. This album is one that should be played from beginning to end as each song blends beautifully into the next, almost as if its a journey. This album is not a typical pop-dance album by some hollywood “pop tart” either. This album shows that Johansson is serious about music.

The more notable songs on the album are the instrumental “Fawn” and “Song for Jo” which really capture the essence of the album and the talent of the band and singer. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants an interesting new album that isn’t your typical pop album. Once you hear it you will understand how great this album actually is.

-Marco Rodriguez, AudioFuzz Contributor

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