SEE: The Meteors – “Strange Things Are Coming”


The Meteors

“Strange Things Are Coming”

Doing The Lord’s Work

Psychobilly is still alive and doing fine.  Welcome to The Meteors, one of the surviving pure punk bands.  The Meteors rose to prominence to inflict their Hillbilly, psychedelic noise on the world in 1980, and are still playing strong and hard.  While the Cramps delved into the underground graveyard, the Meteors went to the sky with their sci-fi, psycho sound.  Cannibals, space crafts, apocalypse, they have never been as much fun as when the Meteors play.  Fans of the band (known as the Wrecking Crew) are known to use the slogan, “Only The Meteors are Pure Psychobilly,” (often shortened to “OTMAPP”).  And they truly are.  Enjoy.

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