Seminal Sounds: ESP Ohio – “Lithuanian Bombshells”


ESP Ohio

“Lithuanian Bombshells”

Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) has released the second single from ESP Ohio’s EP, Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean, and it is a tremendous song.  Makes one realize why Guided By Voices is considered one of those seminal bands that were always so wonderful. As described by Pollard:

ESP Ohio, as a band, rather than a collaboration — a distinction which may seem like splitting hairs, but means in essence that rather than putting melodies and lyrics on top of other people’s instrumentals, Pollard wrote these songs and sent them off to Brooklyn-based bandmates guitarist Doug Gillard (Nada Surf, Guided By Voices), bassist Mark Shue (Guided By Voices, Beech Creeps) and drummer Travis Harrison (Lifeguards producer) to be fleshed out and then returned to him for vocal recording and mixing in the Buckeye State. In other words, rather than trying to fit the words/melodies around someone else’s musical structure, he created the musical structure to fit his words/melodies.

This is a great song.  I am so glad that Pollard is back on his game.  What a tremendous way to start.

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