Serbian Screamo: Eva Ras – Proliferation Of Broken Dreams

Eva Ras

Proliferation Of Broken Dreams

Eva Ras has released a full album, and the wait has been worth it.  From the “Intro” to the “Outro”. Proliferation Of Broken Dreams flows as one with many different emotional levels.  The intro is deceptively quiet, lulling you into a false sense of peace when all of a sudden, the album kicks in with some of the hardest, beautiful screamo you’ve ever experienced.  When you reach “Outro”, you get this song that sounds as if life is going backwards.  One of my favorite songs is “Swinging Moons (Whenever You See Them)” which starts out with a strange, quiet sound and then kicks off as asskicking as possible.  Eva Ras is Filip Stojiljkovic: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Piano (track 1), Organ (track 9).  All together,  Proliferation Of Broken Dreams is one of the greatest albums of this year.  Remember, the album is currently released on:
Confusion Specialist Records (Serbia) and Placenta Recordings (USA).  It will soon be released in the UK on Aural Onslaught (UK).  Check it out.  You will be impressed.

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