Serious Beauty: Slow Hollows – “Last Dance”

Photo Credit : Riley Donahue

Photo Credit : Riley Donahue

Slow Hollows

“Last Dance”


Slow Hollows is an amazing post pop band, kind of reminiscent of XTC or Fleet Foxes.   The current lineup is Austin Feinstein (vocals/lead guitar), Dylan Thinnes (guitar), Aaron Jassenoff (bass), Reed Kanter (synth/keys), and Jackson Katz (drums).  I love the band’s description of what they are trying to do:

The band aims to illustrate the sexy and cool atmosphere that clings to the struggling artist and how this is often romanticized. It is thought that people have a tendency to overlook the reality of mental illness, somber, and depression and how musicians in this day in age have met a standard of the ‘tortured artist”. It explores the idea that the inability to handle problems perfectly is worshipped and this knack for instability is skewed by the way it is perceived by audiences and people in general.

Hence, Slow Hollows was able to make something that states just that. The album captures the sadness behind love, being an artist, and is ironically guilty of expressing the hardships and dejection that artists and people face day in and day out. Stating that the band members of this talented group have a deep understanding of emotion is an understatement. The music they create speaks at lengths of the unique interpretation they have of life and they way people feel. why romantic as the title to express their music? Feinstein realized that our society has this romanticized view of mental illness and instability of people who have some merit and are mentally ill. Or have problems that they can’t handle. Our society tends to look at that from romanticized standpoint, Cool to look well-tortured artist is sexy.

This does seem to be the case.  Rather than trying to help people with mental illness, the music business has always tried to romanticize to a point where Amy Winehouse, Kurt Colbain, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, end up dead.  Slow Hollows makes beautiful, serious music.  Listen and listen well.  If you are nearby where they play, go see them.  See the list below.

Upcoming Tour Dates
10-09-16 – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey*
10-11-16 – Reno, NV – Holland Project*
10-12-16 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (early/late shows)*
10-13-16 – Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory*
10-23-16 – Orange County, CA – Beach Goth
11-04-16 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom

* = w/ Beach Fossils

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