Shimmering emo Pop: WYLDR – “Captive”




Gypsy Queen

You readers out there know how much I love shimmering pop/almost emo-like music.  Well, WYLDR, is one of those bands.  WYLDR is comprised of members Will Winters (singer-songwriter), Taylor Van Ginkel (guitarist) and Michael Matta (multi-instrumentalist).  This band has all the right hooks; hooks, talent, the songs, and the emotion.  I so love this band.  They remind me of Silversun Pickups or Atlas Genius.  This is the new sound of emo/pop.  This is definitely a band that is going places.  Free Bike Valet says about “Captive” that it’s:

“a stellar song with a theatrical presence soaring on echoing guitar hooks, soft synths, and distantly thundering digi-drums.”

I totally agree.  Listen to this song.  This is one of those bands you can use to romance that perfect guy/girl (or for that one-night stand).  Romance is in the air.

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