Shoegaze/Alt-Rock Band Be Forest Shares New Tracks

The four-piece band, Be Forest, hails from Pesaro, Italy.  They include Erica Terenzi (drums and vocals), Nicola Lampredi (guitars), Constanza Delle Rose (bass and vocals) and Lorenzo Badioli (electronics).  Terenzi’s vocals on the two pre-releases, “Colours” and “Captured Heart” are atmopheric and wistful.  Lampredi’s guitars quietly waft through the background, while Delle Rose’s bass keeps the whole songs grounded.  Be Forest is perfect music for a lazy evening or morning.  The only complaint this reviewer has is that Terenzi’s words are extremely undermixed, so as to be incomprehensible.  This is not a bad thing.  I never understood Michael Stipe’s lyrics, but REM’s early work was always beautiful.   With Be Forest, you know there is sadness and pain in the lyrics, but the sound is wrapped so heavenly as to allow you to enjoy.  I would compare them to Mazzy Star, but that is so cliché.  Maybe a pensive Lykke Li.  All this reviewer knows, if these two songs are any clue to the music that is on Earthbeat, I can’t wait to hear the whole CD.  I know that Be Forest has a new fan here.  You can’t dance to Be Forest, but you can sway, and sometimes that’s even better.

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