Soaring Kite-like: Crooked Ghost – “Black Rainbow”

Crooked Ghost

“Black Rainbow”

Colors Bleed

Well, Colors Bleed is officially out, and now you music-hungry people will realize why Crooked Ghost is my favorite post punk/dreampop, and this EP will be in my top 5 this year.  The clean production makes this Mazzy Star sounding song clean, beautiful, mystical, and dreamy all at once.  Crooked Ghost is Ray Lark (lyrics, vocals, guitar), Chris Saldin (bass), Jon Wyatt (drums), Charles Reed (guitar), Alex Cannon (Keyboards).  Ray Lark’s voice has a lark-like (pun intended) lightness to it that seems untethered to the heaviness of the earth.  It is those riffs and drums that keep the song with some strings to earth while letting Lark the kite fly above.  This is perfect, all-year-round music.  Seriously, if post punk is your thing (and if it’s not, you’re not hep), Crooked Ghost is for you.

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