SoCal Punk: The Chavez Ravine – “Bermuda Triangle”

Photo Credit: Jane Nieto

The Chavez Ravine

“Bermuda Triangle”

What a great band with an impressive resume.  Coming from LA, The Chavez Ravine is comprised of singer-guitarist Manny Nieto, and drummer Phil Guerrero — both whom played in ’90s fuzz-monsters Distortion Felix — and bassist Mando Lopez, who plays with Morrissey’s band and previously with the Breeders.  Amazing sound.  This song starts soft, then all of the sudden, this huge fuzz guitar kicks in.  Then you get totally blown away.  As Nieto says:

“I think our name The Chavez Ravine does mean something, considering we are all SoCal Latinos making music that’s not metal, as a DJ or playing hip-hop,” Nieto says. “Our DNA is more Devo vs. Wipers.”

That does make sense.  This is one of the punkest band out there.

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