Soft Rock Made Smooth: Yacht Rock Revue – “Step”

Yacht Rock Revue



I knew a girl once who loved Gino Vanelli and Hall & Oates.  She would absolutely adore this band.  I did not love those bands, but there is something unbelievably lovable and kick-ass about these crazy originals.  To take the soft rock of the ’70’s and revive it so well in this day and age, AND make it sound so up-to-date and fifty times better than the “pop” crap on the radio now, is an amazing testament to talent.  Coming from Atlanta, and comprised of Mark Cobb; Nicholas Niespodziani; Peter Olson; Mark Bencuya; Greg Lee; Mark Dannells; Dave Freeman, Yacht Rock Revue have made huge inroads with a fanbase that calls themselves the Nation of Smooth.  As Robbie Dupree (“Steal Away”) says:

“They’re a trip down memory lane that skips all the bad neighborhoods.”

I love them.  So, here’s to that girl (Dawn Marie is her name).  A band for just you and me.

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