Something New: Glass Famine – “Grumbling Bellies”

Glass Famine

“Grumbling Bellies”

This is a tremendously catchy and interesting tune: I really love it.  Also, they truly have the most interesting bio ever.  Music style: Heuristic and definitional paradigms.  Hometown: Detroitia.  About:  Churchill’s 3rd fear, also a band. Current Location:  the blustery city of Chicago.  Influences:  Post-sleep paralysis, Polish poster art, Claudine Longet, Hammer Horror.  Once you read that bio, you know to expect anything.  What you may not expect is how beautiful a song “Grumbling Bellies” happens to be.  Read the lyrics below, and you will be blown away.  This is a great band, and I do pray that have more great songs up their mysterious sleeves.  Oh, and you reference Claudine Longet, Hammer Horror films, and Burne-Jones, you have won my heart.

Grumbling bellies voice concern
They work in and out
Search the sea for the starlets
To the flourished heaping harlots,
“Go back home!”

Half-face doubt as god only knows
For many a Muse
Locked in chains of reverie
A bona fide fear of my contemporaries
I’ll stay home

I’ll dust off my singing now
There’s a cheapness in a heart that ceases
A broken loan from a knock-off Burne-Jones tapestry
It’s just another thing I felt was real

A faun-like cunning with an impotent face
You fell out of grace
You ain’t selling sun-rays, boy
As it turns out the bell-sheep gets slaughtered like the rest

The short-breath storms of a much older man
With unpaid dreams
He steams, “this is some sorrowful law!
what a drag to watch them squander it

It’s an uneducated wastage
At best its all pastiche
Vainglorious & silly
Spinning ’til your dizzy
It’s the lie that makes them pretty
It’s the lie that makes them pretty.”



For Shae

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