Something New: Vermillion Road – “Gasoline”

Vermillion Road


Escape EP

I have this EP on continually play, it is that great.  They have these great riffs, great chops, and the vocals are amazing.  I’m trying to figure out who they remind me of, but my mind fails me.  They are fresh territory.  Really.  They play power pop/rock, but with a freshness that has been missing in the genre for a long time.  I know they fit on the Vans or Warped tours, but not because they sound like anyone but themselves, but they would add a freshness and fun to the whole festival thing.   Vermillion Road is comprised of Hunter Heurich – Guitar, Will Robison – Vocals, Logan Hileman – Drums, and Gil Leyva – Bass.  Coming from Denver, CO, they kind of sound like Imagine Dragons, but I swear, they are treading unknown (or at least not very populated) waters.  For extreme introverts, they make great, lovable music, and I’ve been told, but on a rocking show.  Maybe the introversion is what makes them so great.  Listen to these guys.  You’ll love them like I do.

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