Soundtrack For Life: Annie Hart – “Hard To Be Still”

Annie Hart

“Hard To Be Still”

Impossible Accomplice

Best know as one-third of David Lynch’s favorite synth-band, Au Revoir Simone, Annie Hart has, with this record, made a wonderful debut.  This album is bright, sunny, and lively, with this dark undertone and a beat that won’t end.  Annie Hart has all the great qualities of Neko Case.

Greatly influenced by the spare synthesizer sounds of Laurie Spiegel and the post-punk sensibility of artist like Tubeway Army, Annie has embraced her love of meticulously crafting the perfect tone to match the emotion of a song.

The first single is a great song.  It is featured on the soundtrack of Netflix’s “Gypsy”, and I haven’t heard a better artist to put on a soundtrack for a while.  I see Lorelei from “Gilmore Girls” listening to this song.  I love Annie Hart.

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