Storytellers: Glass House Point – “The Lake”

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Glass Point House

“The Lake”

What a wonderful band.  Tomorrow, you can pre-order their first album, Love Lives In Dark Places and receive a free version of “Luna”.  For now, I had to introduce “The Lake” to you.  They have a sound similar to Mumford & Sons, but they are super talented story tellers.  That is complicated task to accomplish in a four minute song, yet Glass House Point succeeds.  Glass House Point is comprised of Dylan Graham (Vocals/Guitar), Dylan Methot (Mandolin/Guitar), Ian Campbell (Bass), E.J. Miner (Drums), and Noah Feldman (Violin/Piano).  They come from Lakeland, FL and represent a unique and newly emerging scene, one influenced by indie-folk music and fostered by contemporary alternative rock.  The five-piece band features acoustic/electric guitar, bass, violin, piano, mandolin and drums and is guaranteed to deliver a truly unprecedented experience.  As I said, this band is super special, and no doubt, we will be hearing more from them.

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