Straight From The Heart: Troi Irons – “Hold On To Your Heart”

Troi Irons

“Hold On To Your Heart”

What a powerful, breathless voice Troi Irons has.  She just pours this emotion out, and the vocals sound like they are coming from a broken heart, but a heart that is not going to let anyone keep it from repairing itself.  Irons’ home is LA now, but she says:

I grew up in a few places but none of them feel like a hometown. I play several instruments and produce my own music, direct my videos… I want to tell my truth the way I see it – or not at all.

Imagine Lana del Rey with even a whispier voice and this tremendously underproduced record in which allows her voice, her lyrics, her personality to shine.  In her own words:

Troi says, “I think as a culture, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed.  We achieve one thing and then immediately focus on the next. Or we work ourselves to the bone getting the thing and by the time we get it, we’re too mentally/emotionally exhausted to enjoy it. So HO2YH is about not losing the moment, whether you’re dreaming or achieving. Young or old – don’t lose heart at any moment because it’s not worth it.”


In today’s sad world, these lyrics of Irons really need to be felt.  Maybe it’s because Irons never had roots that she can concentrate on holding onto to herself, because that is the only thing she’s ever had.  I have to admit, I love this song and am waiting breathlessly for what new music she will be releasing.  This is tremendous.


You wait all your life

You play by the rules to get it right

Work into the night

And never, no, never give up a fight

You dream like a kite

You blow and you bend but still rise

You try and you try

And one day you break through the other side


Just remember hold on to your heart

Hold on to your heart

Don’t forget to hold on to your heart

Hold on to your heart

When you’re speeding, freeway dreaming Sweet sixteening

Hold on to your heart (x2) Hold on


Your bills are all paid

You live on the top floor you’ve got it made Got no time to play

You talk to your mother on holidays Nothings in your way

But sometimes you can’t help but feeling grey

The blues never stay

And you don’t know what but something’s changed

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