Strength Through Adversary: Steve Grand – “not the end of me”

Steve Grand

“not the end of me”

not the end of me

Steve Grand has one of those voices that could melt the coldest of hearts, and when you hear “not the end of me”, you wonder what idiot would leave this man.  His lyrics reach down and touch you, no matter where you are in a relationship.  Not since “I Will Survive” has such a great break-up song been performed.  According to Grand:

The album’s title track, “not the end of me”, is a song Grand wrote when a long-time relationship was coming to an end. “Breaking up can be long and drawn-out, painful and ugly. This one certainly was,”
Grand said. “It was trying and exhausting, (and) this song deals with all of that, as well as the resolution that this is ‘not the end of me.”

Grand’s sophomore album is set to drop in July, and I for one cannot wait.  This is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, and he really is a great member of the LBGTQ community.  I’m proud of him.

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