Strip For Fun: Gold Clubb – “West Coast Gurls”

gold clubb

Gold Clubb

“West Coast Gurls”

Gold Clubb: The 2-Stroke Mixtape

This is fun.  Just when I thought the summer over, Gold Clubb comes out with a fun, infectious mix of indie and hip-hop.  Gold Clubb, a side project to Nicky Francis’ indie rock band, The Majorleans, combines a  singer-songwriter mentality, channeling the energy of some of his favorite hip-hop/R&B vibes and indie grooves, including Lou Reed, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Tame Impala. Francis teamed up with Matt Brandau, a long-standing underground producer and touring bass player who has worked with Ski Beats, Elvis Costello, Camp Lo, among others.  The project is named after one of the infamous Pulaski Highway stripclubs that Francis would sneak into as a teenager in his native Baltimore.  You can see the strippers dancing to this song. Strip to this, kids.  Great fun.

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