Stuck In A Movie: New York Movie – “Little Emotion”


New York Movie

“Little Emotion”

New York Movie

New York Movie is an alternative/electronic band from Austin that has just dropped their eponymous album.  New York Movie is a band that deals with darkness in a way that makes you think you’re being lit up.  As the band themselves say:

It’s the light that comes through windows that shakes your heart and steals your breath and leaves you heaving in the shadows. It’s the curtains which shudder in a slight wind and the sound of a world outside that thin pane of glass, broken and hopeful and in love. And you wonder if you’re just too frail to feel so much, like an actor in some New York Movie.

This is the perfect description of the band’s sound.  I know I’ve been there, wondering if I’m stuck in a movie about which no one has revealed the plot or ending.  I love this band.  Check them out.

FEEL The chill in the dark

SIGHT The sun filtered through layers of clouds

SOUND Darkness with scattered light

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