Subtle Paean To Moving On: Ayo River – “Porcelain”

Photo Cred: Pierre Pastel

Ayo River


Ayo River

This quiet paean to moving on, slowly but surely, like the moon rising over an open field, is beautiful to the extreme.  The album was recorded over a span of two years in Athens, Georgia, where songwriter Weston Taylor elicited the production and engineering skills of multi-instrumentalist Matt Martin (Faye Webster), who also performs drums and bass on many tracks.  Making frequent weekend trips to Athens, Martin and Taylor furiously recorded the album late into the night, angering many roommates and neighbors. Eventually, Taylor and Martin took the  record’s bare bones to the studio, where they recorded with Josh Crusa (bass) and Evan Seeds (drums), who had begun performing in Ayo River’s live band.  It is really hard to describe the sound that Ayo River produces.  They are totally unlike anyone I’ve ever heard.  The poetry is like Morissey’s (without the posturing), while the music has a Ween/Death Cab For Cutie style to it.  Brew it all together, and you get an interesting mix.



Films and songs that still feel new
Turn ten
Bought some books
Like I’m ever gonna read again

Families come from just believing in
People see it in each other, then…

You’ll understand when it happens to you
Under a southern moon
This is the year when my life will resume
Someone will take place of you

There’s a bed at the ball
It’s your breathing why I can sleep at all
I’ll be 25 soon
All my older friends never think it’s news

It’s becoming clear to me
I am different people in different company
No two versions the same
So when I’m all alone
I don’t know what to say

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