Summer Emotion: Albis – “Broken Man”



“Broken Man”


I love a beautiful, soulful, sad voice, and Albis has one of the best.  His voice drips with emotion.  Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Rodriguez, started Albis in 2011 but his start in music began well before that. After his move to New York from Rhode Island in 1999, Rodriguez dove into the DIY punk-rock scene with bands such as De La Hoya and Nakatomi Plaza. He started growing as an artist, freelancing with other NYC bands, writing songs and being a part of national tours. Already established in the music scene as successful studio artist, touring artist (including being the touring guitarist for A Great Big World) and even performing with Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Rodriguez is ready to bring his own art to the world through Albis.  In his music, Rodriguez pays tribute to his idols:  Elliot Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Neil Young.  But at the same time, he is so original.  His voice is perfect for those hot summer nights.

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