Summer Environment: Sivan Talmor – “I’ll Be”


Sivan Talmor (סיון טלמור)

“I’ll Be”


We all care about the environment and mother earth, correct?  Especially in the summer when we’re out and about.  Well, the new video from Sivan Talmor will really make you think.  A former contestant on Israel’s the Voice, Sivan has made her first album in English. After an army service being a lead singer of the Israeli army band and three years of study at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary  Music, Sivan began focusing on her own music.  Her unique sound is accompanied by her own guitar, in addition to the sounds of electric guitar and keyboard played by the young indie duo Shelly and Rotem. Together on stage, the three ladies create a distinct soft and feminine sound.  The sound is definitely one of softness.  But, underneath it all, there is this force to be dealt with.  Already big in Israel, with her talent and drive and her very unique voice, Sivan is on her way to a huge, world-wide audience.

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