Summer Mature Love: Colton Kayser – “Love Of My Life”


Colton Kayser

“Love Of My Life”

Place To Settle

Colton Kayser is a perfect example of the Americana revival happening throughout the music world.  He’s got that perfect, sincere voice, his melodies are superb, and his lyrics are so honest.  Coming from Monmouth Beach, NJ, Kayser has been making a name for himself in the revived Asbury Park scene.  He has just released his second album, which finds Kayser examining and growing through the trials and tribulations of an artist in flux. Life after Grad School, a first real break up, and the after effects of Hurricane Sandy all combine to color the themes of love, loss and the search for inner serenity on Kayser’s latest full-length effort.  One of the many parts of Kayser’s music that sets him apart is the whirling keyboard, which brings to mind the freewheeling organ on Dylan’s classic, “Like A Rolling Stone”, reminiscent of Al Kooper.  All in all, “Love Of My Life” is a great, mature love song.

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