Summer Mystery: Olympus Mons – “Hours”

olympus mons

Olympus Mons


Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons is a great, prog-rock band from Pittsburgh (my town).  Named after the largest mountain on Mars, Olympus Mons, the band, is as deep and mysterious as its namesake.  This is a great band.  The vocals are recorded in the background, giving the band the sound of mystery and suspense, as if they are sharing a secret with you alone.  The band has not recorded for a while, which is a shame.  If you listen to their music (and they are top-notch musicians), you know that they need to get in the studio and back on stage.  They have a sound similar to Queensryche, but really, they are so different, it is impossible to categorize.  All I know, they are tremendous and need to be listened to them.  Share them with your friends, but make it a secret conspiracy.

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