Piano Rock: Scarlet Sails – “I’ll Be There”

Photo - Matthew Osborne

Photo – Matthew Osborne

Scarlet Sails

“I’ll Be There”

Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails, the new music endeavor from drummer Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails) and his Russian-born, model/pianist/vocalist wife, Olya. The NYC-based duo, joined by band members Nick Emde (guitar) and Joe Noval (bass), have cultivated an indie-rock sound with soul and attitude.  It seems no matter what Viglione puts his mind and talent to, the sound is a winner.  Of course, with a great pianist/singer like Olya, it is impossible to miss.  There is something about her voice: a certain timbre, a certain characteristic she has that makes it feel like she is singing to you.  Viglione’s drumming is impeccable, and they are pack up by a super bank.  Emde knows exactly when to play (something it seems many guitarists don’t know), and Noval’s bass flows and uplifts Viglione’s drumming.  But the super standout is Olya’s voice.  They are on tour now.  You have got to catch them.  I am.  I cannot wait.  If you like piano based bands (think, of course Dresden Dolls, Tori Amos), you will love Scarlet Sails.

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