Summer Psychedelia: Crocodiles – “Telepathic Lover”



“Telepathic Lover”


I was told that Crocodiles cry fake tears.  Whether that is true about rock band, Crocodiles, waits to be seen.  I do know that they come on softly but work up to that knock-out punch.  Comprised of best friends Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, Crocodiles have earned their place as one of the United States’ most engaging, hardworking and consistent rock and roll bands of the past few years. The pair recorded the 10-track Dreamless in Mexico City over the course of 6 weeks. Having become something of a spiritual (and in the case of Welchez, literal) home to the duo, choosing D.F. as the location for recording allowed them to again hook-up with friend and occasional bandmate Martin Thulin (also a member of post-punks Exploded View). Between them, the trio shared instrument duties, with Welchez and Rowell handling the lion’s share of guitar and bass, Thulin and Welchez the live drum work, and Thulin focusing largely on keys. Crocodiles have taken the road less traveled, combining pop sensibilities with post-punk psychedelia, like a new Jesus and Mary Chain.  What a welcome summertime party for us Crocodile fans.

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