Summer Punk: The Split Seconds – “Center Of Attention”

the split seconds2

The Split Seconds

“Center Of Attention”

The Split Seconds LP

Finally, The Split Seconds have dropped their first album.  What a killer.  Anyone like the Buzzcocks?  The Clash’s first two albums? Eater?  The Damned’s “New Rose”?  Here comes your dream.  I really didn’t think true punk was actually able to produce in this day and age.  I was so wrong.  The Split Seconds are the BEST punk band I’ve heard since ’83.  This is a great band.  They get it.  This is not limp, skater punk (you know who you are): this is true, down and dirty, Buzzcocks’ punk rock.  I love it.  Being a punk for the 70’s (saw the Ramones 7 times, so I have the creds), this is true punk.  POGO POGO.  Thank you to The Split Seconds.

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