Rock ‘n’ Roll: Larkin Poe – “Trouble In Mind

larkin poe

Larkin Poe

“Trouble In Mind”


Anyone want some asskickin’, rock ‘n’ roll, blues?  Take a listen to Larkin Poe.  Composed of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, this band is a powerhouse.  Rebecca and Megan have these great voices that can harmonize like only sisters can.  Their combination of rock and blues remind one of Bonnie Raitt and Ruby Starr had a baby.  They are that good.  As Rebecca says about their name and their story:

A Brief History of Larkin Poe: “We have a very colorful family history,” explains lead singer/guitarist Rebecca, referencing the sisters’ familial connection to tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allan Poe: “There have been a lot of creative, hotheaded, mentally unstable branches in our family tree. Growing up in the midst of their crazy stories has definitely shaded our perception of normal. As artists, I think some of those eccentricities, passed down from generation to generation, have been even further exaggerated in us!” Megan, who contributes lapsteel to the lineup, chimes in: “As sisters, we wanted to pick a band name that had familial significance, so we decided pay tribute to our ancestors by taking on the name of our great-great-great-grandfather, Larkin Poe.”

What a great name for a great band.  They are on tour now.  Catch them if you can.  I am.  I am lucky: they’re playing Pittsburgh.  I cannot wait.

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