Summer Rocks: Spirit City – “We’re All Insane”

spirit city

Spirit City

“We’re All Insane”

We’re All Insane

I might hate the summer heat, but I love the way summer heats up the music scene.  Another great example is Spirit City.  What a great band.  Sounding like the power pop (yes, I know what power pop is) bands – Cheap Trick, Eve 6, Silversun Pickups – Spirit City shines bright among that group. Hailing from Provo, UT, Spirit City is comprised of Nate Young, Austin Young, Cori Place, Braden Dye, and Perry Burton.  “We’re All Insane” starts poppy and fun, then out of the blue comes this wild ass guitar and song kicks ass.  It quiets again, then ends with a huge bang.  Spirit City reminds me of 3 Doors Down or Eve 6 at their best.  Check them out for your next wild barbeque (no meat, of course).

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