Summertime Power Pop: Heavy Static – “Spark”

Heavy Static

Heavy Static


Hear Comes The Fear

Let’s face it guys:  summer cannot be complete with some great New Wave/Power Pop, and Heavy Static delivers.  Frontman Christian Patrick (lead vocals/guitar) was sick of “Indie rock” bands writing songs lacking style and soul. He wrote ten songs in ten days before calling on James Young (drums/backing vocals) and Dave Vasey (bass/backing vocals) to bring the songs to life. The band stems from ‘70s  icons, including The Cure, Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie and The Clash, Swedish pop, ‘80s horror movies (specifically 1981 Canadian slasher, My Bloody Valentine) and modern day rockers, The Darkness and The Hives.  Patrick and his crew deliver some powerfully stylish and soulful music.  The guitar work on “Spark” is especially amazing.  Patrick calls it ‘Terrorist Glam Rock’.  I love that.  Their motto is “Heavy Static is a band on a mission. And it plans to break all the rules to achieve it.”  What a band.  I love them.

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  1. This band sucks anus, also the write up is literally a monty rant ahahahahahahahahahahaha by the way they are pop punk not power pop bozo, do you know the difference between nofx and cheap trick and what the fuck is up with the leather jacket on james young hahahaa he looks like such a loser!!!!

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