Supergroup Molly’s Yes “Frida Kahlo” Song

“I am alone, I am alone, I am alone,” in that one phrase, this song, based on the life of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, sums up her whole life.  Kahlo was well known for her relationship with Diego Rivera, her pain following an accident in which her spine was almost replaced by a metal rod, and her strangely honest and disturbing self portraits.  Lyricist Ed Goggin catches the pain of Kahlo as well as her tortuous life with Rivera in simple catch phrases.  Perfect examples are lines like “You can never kill me ’cause I’ve already died” and “with his face on my forehead”.  The refrain of “I am alone” brings the pain of Kahlo to the forefront.  This amazing song combines 90’s pop with true pain, which is so obvious by the pain in Goggin’s voice.  Listening to this song, one can actually see the painful self portraits Kahlo produced.  In fact, this reviewer recommends the listener check out Kahlo’s work while listening to the song.

Unfortunately, Molly’s Yes was an Austin-based supergroup that recorded just this one album before disbanding.  Definitely 5 stars.

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