Supportive Bluegrass: Who? What? When? Why? and Werewolves? – “Rattail”

Who? What? When? Why? and Werewolves?


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What a great bluesgrass band, and they come from Philadelphia.  Comprised of Andrew Fullerton: Vocals, Guitar, Piano; Matt Orlando: Vocals, Banjo, Drums; Peter Clark: Violin; and Brian Grabski: Bass, they have such a wonderful sound; pure bluegrass, sweet and refreshing as a mountain stream.  Even the meaning of “Rattail” is so wonderful: an ode to a brother’s unfortunate haircut but in such a way as to sympathize, not tease, your brother.  I have a brother like that, always supportive.  But I wonder.  This band has such a wonderful sound.  I feel great just listening to them.  This is perfect bluegrass.

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