Swan Song: The Kin – “Anchor”

Stef Mitchell

The Kin


Modern Primitive

The Kin have done it again.  They have released a new, hard-hitting album.  To me,  Isaac Koren, Mark “Shakerleg” Nicosia, and Thorald Koren are one of the most exciting bands to see.  You never know what they’ll do next.  They love to interact with the crowd, “Shakerley” plays drums with his hands (you got to see it to believe it).  The Koren brothers are two of the most dynamic guys you’ll ever see live.  Their new album, Modern Primitive, is a tremendous addition to their discography.  The sad news:  The Kin are saying farewell to the music industry…for now. After 10+ years of creating and performing their music for millions around the world, the alternative rock trio are announcing that their next album, entitled Modern Primitive, will be their last.  I’m going to seriously miss them.  I met them; they were a super huge influence on me and helped me get back into music.  Their style is U2 on a personal level.  Check them out.  Hopefully, this will be a short break.  We need the Kin.  Guys, please don’t quit forever.  I love you.


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