Synesthesia: Lars Brondum and Barbara Brondum – “Viper”

Lars Brondum and Barbara Brondum


The Text And Sound Project

What a beautiful record this is.  If you like the electronic music of Eno, CAN, Laurie Anderson, and Philip Glass, you will love this work.  Music by Lars, Spoken Work and Sprechstimme by Barbara, this music works on so many levels.  Ever hear that perfect piece of music which makes you believe you might just have synesthesia.  I sees the colors swirl around me, and Barbara’s words just bring the music to life.  This couple from Stockholm, Sweden, have been involved in music for years, Lars as a well-known musician/videographer in his native Sweden; Barbara starting out in the nascent punk scene in North-East Ohio, of which she was a major part (remember, North-East Ohio was the birthplace of Devo and Pere Ubu.  The beautiful cover art by Crystal Beiersdorfer is an integral part of the music.  Seriously, if you like electronic music, you will love this album.  Brian Eno would be so proud.

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