Synth Pop: 88 Palms – “Hollywood Son”

88 Palms

“Hollywood Son”

Love Safari

Imagine, if you will, a more adventurous Lana or poppier Mazzy Star.  If you can do so, welcome to 88 Palms, were such sounds actually exist.  Coming from NYC, 88 Palms is the synth pop duo Morgan Wiley (Midnight Magic, ex Hercules & Love Affair) on keyboards and production, with vocalist/songwriter Ria Bouttier adding stunning vocals.  The new album also features Caito Sanchez (Midnight Magic, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields) on percussion, Jim Orso (Escort) and Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem) on bass, and Nick Roseboro (Midnight Magic) on horns.  The combination of all this brings about a sound that mixes G-Funk, dreampop, and surf rock, among other styles to produce a sound that is unique and is perfectly summer-oriented.  Surf this sound.

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