The Best: Angel Olsen – “Lark”

Angel Olsen


All Mirrors

This is the most beautiful song released this year, and considering the great music that 2019 has produced, that is saying a lot.  Angel Olsen has the most beautiful voice; when she sings high, there is this hiccup of emotion quite like Roy Oberson, where the emotion gets stuck in her throat.  When I saw her live, the music was so beautiful, I had tears of joy, sadness, triumph, defeat, flowing down my face.  “Lark” is so wonderful how it starts quiet, builds up with these strings supporting her as she jumps from a longer octave to a higher octave as the words carry her along, and they carry you with them.  I can’t write more; just that All Mirrors is going to be the best album of year.  Angel Olsen, I love you.

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