The Feel of Rain: Teen Daze – “First Rain” (with S. Carey)

Photo Credit : Sharalee Prang

Teen Daze

“First Rain” (with S. Carey)

Themes For Dying Earth

With the help of S. Carey from Bon Iver’s band, British Columbia-based artist Teen Daze (Jamison Isaak) has released a beautiful song from his new album.  Sounding the the province of British Columbia itself, “First Rain” has this tender beauty to it.  Breathtaking ambient music, “First Rain” is the sound and feel of rain itself.  While recording the song, Teen Daze realized that vocals were needed.  He lucked out when Sean Carey was free.  Carey’s vocals evoke the feel of that rain the Basque call Txmiriri (the type of drizzle/rain that carries on for days).  I love the Enoesque feel of Teen Daze’s work and the true love of nature that comes forth through his music.  Amazing.

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